Why kids should learn AI

Stop being consumers and become creators of technology

In such a high-tech future, it is very important to know how to sustain your job. If automation in technology is already taking our jobs then we must be the ones creating such technology. And our job will always be saved. Many say that it is going to overrule humankind but of course, it is in our house to, later on, let it not rule our lives. And again the only way to stop letting it ruin our lives is to control it ourselves. If we know how to control this technology it will never overrule us. And this is the first step to start controlling it by starting learning it.

Future problems need future solutions

Future Newton is not going to discover gravity and future Bill Gates is not going to discover Microsoft! Because the problems in those eras were solved by them that time itself. In future, the problems are going to be different than those. So we cannot just copy Steve Jobs and Elon Musk! Kids these days need to learn the future tech to solve future problems. Making a new Google and Apple isn’t going to take them anywhere. But instead making a flying car will. So one has to think and learn out of the box and always stay ahead of the curve. And there’s no better solution than learning AI to keep oneself ahead of curve.

Widespread Tech

Today every field is using the internet. The Internet has spread widely all over the world and every field of study is using the Internet for its progress. Similarly, in the future artificial intelligence is going to be spread widely in the world and every field is going to use artificial intelligence to scale up. At this moment also, all the top industries like robotics, social media, advertising, home automation, safety, security, sports and even fashion industries are taking their businesses next level using AI. Even they have created AI models which can write and direct movies on their own! Tomorrow, there is not going to be a single field where AI is not going to get used. So to keep oneself ahead of curve, knowledge of AI has become of utmost importance to scale up in lives.

Knowledge with curiosity booster

Just moving few blocks here and there and saying one knows coding is not going to take one anywhere. One has to learn the logic behind it. One has to know the real-life application of it. One has to use it to solve problems in our society. Learning AI not only gives students knowledge of the latest tech but also makes them realize how technology is useful to solve everyday problems we and society face. This makes them feel more like learning new things and teaches them to solve problems around them. And after all, we all know that curiosity is the engine of achievements!

Confidence and satisfaction of solving problems

Learning AI is like solving a puzzle, except it is the most high-tech one! The way solving puzzles boosts kids’ brains with more dopamine! This time this happiness is not coming from playing few games on phone, rather it’s the result of satisfaction of solving problems in the real-life world. Solving these problems makes kids feel their importance in society and hence gives them the confidence of trying out new things. This always keeps their eyes open to track new problems and brains alert to solve those! Learning and applying advanced tech like AI is the way to go for it.

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