College degree VS Online Classes

College degree VS Online Classes

College degree VS Online Classes
Not College Degree But Online Coding Helped This 23-Year-Old Get Job at Amazon, Says Traditional Campus Hiring Needs to Change
Is an online education equivalent to an on-campus education? In a lot of cases, yes. In fact, there’s good evidence that online education has some significant advantages to the classroom experience—and some of them may surprise you.
This student from Mumbai University – Karan Kumar had a hard time finding a job after graduation. He claims that it was not his college degree but online coding classes which helped him grab a job in the tech-giant Amazon. Since, this 23-year-old Mumbai resident was from tier 3 engineering college, he claims that he got rejections from internships and job offers as he was not from tier-1 college and did not have ‘branded-degree’ like from IITs/NITs.
And hence he resorted to online learning courses to learn to code. During his college studies, he participated in various coding events and competitions and also got succeeded in many of those. And in turn of his efforts and these coding skills, he got shortlisted and selected in Amazon on a good position which was beyond his dreams.
So this makes us question if online learning is better than traditional learning these day? Here are few reasons to consider online learning over college degrees:

1. You aren't limited by geography

Thanks to technology, we live in a smaller world. Now, everything is at your fingertips. Even the schools! Regardless of where you live, you can access the entire educational world with a computer and Internet access. Universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford have been offering free online classes as well.
You can probably learn just about anything and everything from the comfort of your own home. Online learning also offers more intimate options, with smaller class sizes and one-to-one interactions between the professor and the student. Interactions like these increase students’ interest and retention.

2. Online classes can be more engaging

There are a number of online learning tools available to teachers, including videos, audios, animations, virtual whiteboards, virtual conference rooms and live chats with students. Classes are made more engaging and interesting with these tools.
In an article in Forbes , online learning is also discussed as a successful method as compared to traditional learning.

3. Online learning can be a cheaper way to earn your bachelor's or master's degree

Attending college in person can be more expensive than taking online courses. When attending a college you have to spend money on accommodation, transportation, books and study materials.
Online courses are not only cheaper than traditional courses, but they also eliminate many additional expenses, such as transportation and course materials.
Thus, in online learning you can get high-quality education which will not cost you a fortune!

4. You get a flexible schedule

Online learning have a more flexible schedule. You can schedule classes as per your convenience and availability. The videos are easily accessible later, so you can rewatch them if you missed a specific lecture/class.
This allows the students to learn at their own pace, without having to miss any topics. They can revisit older topics and get one-on-one assistance from their teachers to clear their doubts.

5. Online learning is gaining positive reputation

Online learning is gaining positive reputation
Reports show that more hiring managers are seeing the value in online degrees, as long as they come from properly accredited institutions. Academic leaders regarded online education as just as good, if not better than classroom-based education.
With pandemic, more and more institutions are moving towards online education. And the quality of online learning will continue to evolve and improve with time. Online learning will become more mainstream and less of a novelty within the next generation.
What are your thoughts about the online learning trend? Tell us in the comments section below.
April 26, 2022

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