Career Opportunities in AI

Career Opportunities in AI
A prominent area of focus for young innovators today is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The potential applications of Artificial Intelligence are vast, spanning nearly every field. From medicine to manufacturing, there is an AI solution for just about everything. Thus, building a career in Artificial Intelligence makes more sense today.

A passion for Artificial Intelligence and coding can lead to a variety of career opportunities in AI. Here are six AI jobs that are in high demand:

1. Business Intelligence Developer

Business Intelligence Developer
It is the primary responsibility of a Business Intelligence Developer to consider the business acumen along with AI. They evaluate complicated data sets to identify business trends. They prepare, develop, and nurture business ideas so they can flourish. In addition, they assist in optimizing different workflows across the organization. Their latest demands have intensified as they can deal with complex data from cloud-based platforms.
To become a BI developer, you’ll need a mix of soft skills like communication and problem-solving, as well as technical skills like knowledge of certain programs like JavaScript, SQL, HTML

2. Robotics Scientist

Robotics Scientist
Robotics engineers arehighly skilled and trained engineers who design, build and maintain robots and robotic devices. Major industries are continually in need of robotics scientists to program their machines, which will lead to job opportunities on the rise. Robots will help carry out certain tasks more efficiently. A master’s degree in robotics, computer science or engineering is a must to become a Robotics Scientist.

3. Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Artificial Intelligence Researcher
Artificial Intelligence researchers are geared more towards advancing the technology itself. The people in these positions will help uncover the potential of these technologies and then implement changes to existing tools to reach that potential.
For this role, knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Reinforcement Learning is vital.

4. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Did you know, Data Scientists have topped the list of best jobs for three years in a row, according to research by Glassdoor.

A data scientist makes various predictions based on past and present data patterns. Nearly all major industry verticals are hiring data science experts to help them gain actionable insights from big data.
An ideal candidate should have experience with programming languages such as Python, Scala, and SQL.

5. Machine Learning Engineer

5. Machine Learning Engineer
Machine learning engineers are responsible for assessing, analyzing and organizing data, as well as executing tests and optimizing algorithms and models. In addition to image and speech recognition, they work in fraud prevention, customer insight, and risk management. Companies continuously demand their services, thus making it a great career choice in AI.
It is highly beneficial to have in-depth knowledge of machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and deep learning. Knowledge of software development tools, cloud applications, and excellent coding skillsgive you an edge.

6. AI Data Analyst

AI Data Analyst
An AI Data Analyst is responsible for procuring, preparing, cleaning, and modelling data using machine learning models and new analytical methods. Additionally, the AI Data Analyst is responsible for designing and creating data reports to help stakeholders make better decisions. A data analyst draws inferences from the data using statistical tools and methods.
A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science is required to become an AI data analyst.
As these jobs require different skills and experience, it’s important to do your research before deciding which one is right for you. With Artificial Intelligence becoming more and more prevalent, the opportunities in this field are only going to grow. Don’t delay – begin your career in artificial intelligence today!

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April 9, 2022

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