Applications of Artificial Intelligence

concepts of AI
Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer or machine to imitate intelligent behaviour, either exact or approximate. Artificial intelligence relies on different elements including algorithm , statistics and robotics which help machines understand language , perceive things and develop emotions.

Currently Artificial Intelligence focuses on evolving different areas. Here are some Applications of Artificial Intelligence

- Speech recognition:

Artificial Intelligence ( Artificial Neural Networks ) is used by companies like Google and Apple to recognize what we say almost accurately. We can only stress the importance of this advancement in technology for people who are suffering from disabilities that prevent them from communicating normally with the world, such as people suffering from locked-in syndrome after getting into an accident.

- Robotics:

Artificial Intelligence ( Artificial Neural Networks ) is used in robots to ensure that they can move properly and behave like humans. After seeing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, many fear that computers might evolve into dangerous entities which will destroy man kind. Artificial Intelligence is also used in self-driving cars which are believed to be one of the best inventions since the era of Artificial Intelligence emerged.

- Autonomous vehicles:

Self driving cars uses AI
Artificial Intelligence ( Artificial Neural Networks ) is used by Tesla and Google for their driverless cars which reduce human efforts and thus accidents on roads which lead to major causalities each year. So far, over 25,000 people die as a result of car accidents per year and 96% of these accidents are caused by some human error. These errors can be reduced to almost zero with automations in self-driving cars.

- Virtual assistants

Artificial Intelligence ( Artificial Neural Networks ) is used by companies like Google’s – ‘Okay Google’, Apple’s – ‘Siri’ and Amazon’s – ‘Alexa’ to understand user requests and act upon them. Artificial Intelligence has made our lives much easier thanks to virtual assistants which perform tasks such as looking up information on the internet, scheduling events for us or setting alarms and much more. They also lead to very convenient home automations.

- Financial trading:

Artificial Intelligence ( Artificial Neural Networks ) is used in stock market transactions to analyse financial data about companies . Artificial Intelligence helps humans make quick decisions when faced with high volumes of trades in the stock market, making millions daily. Artificial Intelligence also help to create algorithms that can spot trends and patterns quickly in order to make sound financial investments.

- Medicine:

Ai is used in healthcare sector
Artificial Intelligence ( Artificial Neural Networks ) is used by doctors to help diagnose illnesses faster using big data. Some Artificial intelligence programs can look at images of malignant tumours and differentiate between cancerous cells while usually human doctors would need a microscope in order to make such distinction leading to more accurate diagnosis .
Artificial Intelligence has given physicians new tools with which they can increase the accuracy of diagnoses. Currently Artificial Intelligence is also used to compare medical records of patients with similar cases in order to find studies that can help future patients. Artificial Intelligence is also used for drug discovery.

- Space research:

AI is used in space research
Artificial Intelligence ( Artificial Neural Networks ) is used by NASA to analyze data collected by satellites orbiting our planet . Artificial Intelligence helps scientists probe through large amounts of satellite imagery and spot patterns that would be hard for humans to find Artificial Intelligence also allows unmanned spacecrafts such as DAWN, Cassini and DEEP SPACE 1 to navigate independently and land on other planets while avoiding obstacles. Applied Artificial Intelligence has extended our reach into our solar system.
Apart from all these, it is also used in fields like biotechnology, weather forecast, data mining, drones, ecommerce and even modelling, arts etc. There’s no field today where AI isn’t getting used. That’s the reason, the upcoming generation has to be very familiar with the technology in order to stay ahead of curve. SKILLIT conducts courses on Artificial Intelligence specially designed for school going students.
These courses start from basic concepts like what is AI and go till in-depth concepts like deep learning and natural language processing. Students here come without any prerequisite knowledge in the field and leave the institute with confidence in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Programming topics.
Applications of Artificial Intelligence

SKILLIT provides all these things by giving children both knowledge on how technology affects our lives alongside tools such as how to create, how to critique, and how to find reliable information.
All these skills are important for the students of today as they will grow up in a world where artificial intelligence is normality. We want to make sure that our kids are not only ready for this but excel in it!

April 5, 2022

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